Gigi and Peter

Graffiti pattern design



Having studied and been a design student in New York City, I’ve long been a fan of modern and urban art. I have to say, the city has no shortage of gorgeous visuals from street art and murals to the fine art and gallery scene of downtown Manhattan and I love it! When Gigi and Peter came to us for their wedding invitations, they were looking not only to celebrate the joyous occasion but also celebrate their personal style and love for edgy art. They were in love with everything from grunge and graffiti art to the works of vanguard artists like Shepard Fairey and Jean-Michel Basquiat. So we were oh so excited to create something extraordinary for them! I pulled from all the inspiration I knew and places I visited while studying at Parsons School of Design in the East Village to create something both memorable and true to spirit for their big day. Take a look at our behind the scenes!






Click here To see more pictures of Gigi & Peter‘s custom wedding invitations!

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