Mopho Logo and brand identity


Mopho is a family owned restaurant known for their bold flavors and Vietnamese cuisine. The name is a tongue in cheek wordplay on the traditional Vietnamese soup, known as Pho. With three generations of chefs in the family, the food at Mopho is unique, fresh and flavorful, attributes that they wanted to express in their branding to stand apart from other Southeast Asian Restaurants.

We designed a logo and visual identity for them which was young, modern, metropolitan and slightly playful with the “o” of the wordmark housing their signature Pho soup and chopsticks.

Brand mark with noodles and chopsticks

The unique bowl of noodles iconography was an element that could be used as a standalone icon or together with the wordmark. It was also the perfect graphic to be used on T-shirts, patterns and other applications

Vietnamese restaurant business cards
Mopho restaurant logo
Vietnamese pho soup
Vietnamese fast casual restaurant takeout bag
Vietnamese restaurant takeout menu
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