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Enchanted Garden Wedding Invitation

Sara & Henry

An enchanted garden inspired wedding invitation suite with a dramatic navy blue laser cut sleeve. The invitation features letterpress and foil stamping on the front and shimmering back in shades of antique gold. We also designed a one of a kind crest that included a bear and lion which held personal meaning to the bride and groom. The rest of the suite was printed in a combination of navy and gold on ivory papers and envelopes.

Since we are a studio specializing in custom work, we put together custom pricing for each project. For your convenience, below is a brief summary of the starting prices for both our collection and custom suites:

• $2,000 is the starting price for pre-existing designs for a 4-piece suite in 1-letterpress color. Suites with additional embellishments such as foil stamping, laser cut sleeves, pocket folders, etc. start at a higher price point of $3,000 and up.

• Custom invitations start at $2,750 for a 4-piece suite in 1-letterpress color.

• For budgets in the $1,000 range, many of our designs can be adapted to a economical price point using flat printing.

Note: A 4-piece suite includes Invitation, Reply Card, Outer Envelope and Reply Envelope. However a suite can be customized to your needs. Most pre-existing designs you see, whether it be from our custom page or collection page, can be made into a ready to order set

To receive a more detailed estimate based upon your stationery needs or to schedule a consultation (by appointment only), please contact us at:

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The Details

Our enchanted garden wedding invitations truly come to life with all the carefully considered details woven into the fabric of each of our designs. Explore the details in this suite.

Gold crest on gold paper Gold foil and letterpress typography Gold foil roses Laser cut sleeve detail Letterpress roses and ironwork



Custom Process

Our custom process is as unique and creative as our finished pieces themselves. Take a look below to see how we brought our client's vision to life.

The Inspiration

We invite you to explore our inspiration and moodboard for how this enchanted wedding invitation design came to fruition. You’re also welcome to view our creative process to dig deeper into our exclusive design process.

Old world inspiration images and moodboard
Shakespeare and Game of Thrones inspiration
Skeleton keys, lace wedding gowns and castles


We started the process by designing a range of laser cut sleeves all inspired by the idea of an enchanted castle and forest. From foliage to wrought iron details, we explored a variety of motifs to find the perfect match.

Enchanted castle invitation sketches

Custom crest

We designed a custom crest inspired by vintage coat of arms which incorporated personal details and design elements. The symbol of the bear and the lion were chosen by the bride and groom which flank both sides of the shield.

Bear and lion crest design process

Sleeve Design

We wanted our laser cut sleeve to feel like an overgrown, enchanted forest so we used the layered effect that laser cutting gives us to our advantage. The design is organic and incorporates trees, brush and vines that surround the crest.

Enchanted forest laser cut invitation

Design Extension

We extended our design to all the various pieces in the suite ranging from envelopes to the rsvp cars and stamps. All elements were designed to work together with the invitation card without being too “matchy matchy”.

Vintage old world envelopes and reply cards

Design Refinement

Once the design was complete, we made sure all details and illustrations were perfect. The laser cut sleeve is engineered to make sure there are connections in between each cutout so that the final piece is structurally sound.

Laser cut sleeve design process

Final Design

At the end of the creative process, after all edits and refinements are made, the full suite comes to life in the hands of our expert team of printers and craftsmen.

Midsummer night's dream wedding invitation
Ready to get started?

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