Dazzling Deco



When we were contacted by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography to work together on an over the top, Gatsby inspired styled shoot, we were thrilled since Art Deco happens to be one of the most requested looks and trends many of our clients have been going for over the past year. To me, Deco and 1920s glam transcend a specific theme or time period and are very much about living a life of glamour, opulence and timeless style. What I loved about this shoot is just how much Hunter was able to capture the feeling of a Jay Gatsby party. From the roaring twenties head-pieces and flapper bejeweled dresses to a soaring paper moon inspired by vintage burlesque, this was definitely a shoot that brought to life everything we love about this time period.


We sent over some of our favorite Deco and gilded pieces; our Brogan & Marc black and gold wedding invitation as well as matching gold foil menus to adorn the intricate table settings. An anecdote from this shoot that I loved in particular was when asked why he goes so far out on these workshops, Hunter simply answers “I want […] something that gives them chills, that makes them feel like they are in a different world or time. “. Well We certainly get the chills looking at these photos and can’t wait to share them with you. Here’s a selection of our favorite shots!



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