Dracula Castle Halloween Wedding



With Halloween right around the corner and everyone getting their costumes and parties ready, we decided to get in the spooky spirit by sharing one of our favorite Halloween weddings with you this week. It’s always a special treat when a couple truly embraces a theme and story and weaves it throughout every aspect of their wedding day.


Marie and Frank’s wedding was a sight to behold as they took all things Halloween to the next level with a Dracula’s Castle look and feel. Sounds dangerous? They say the devil is in the details and this was truly no exception with amazing details spanning everything from the jewelry and accessories to daring coffin shaped wedding programs! Every moment and element was captured in vivid detail by the talented Photo Pink Photography and we were so blown away that we’ve decided to dedicate not one but two posts about this creative wedding! Our first post will be devoted to their wedding while on the second one we’ll focus on the amazing details and how you can take their inspiration and make it come to life for your own halloween party!


We were also really excited when we got wind of the news that Marie and Frank’s wedding was also set to be featured on TLC’s Four Weddings! How cool is that? We’ve included the video at the bottom of this post if you want to see more!





And finally, to get you even more inspired for your spooky wedding here are a few of our favorite Halloween wedding invitations, save the dates and wedding stationery.



Halloween spooky wedding inbvitationOrnate black and gold laser cut wedding invitationBlack and silver scrollwork wedding invitation Spooky Halloween save the dateFashion runway inspired wedding invitation

9 thoughts on “Dracula Castle Halloween Wedding”

  1. The photographer did a great job! The wedding was alright, but the bride was such an arrogant B that we were hoping she would lose the honeymoon! Maybe if she would have been a little nicer and not acted like she DESERVED it I would have rooted for her a little more! But she was was just downright rude and putting all the other girls down! I don’t root for people who think they’re better than everyone else!!! When the other girl won she didn’t even congratulate her or smile for her!!!! Bleh that’s why you lost! You’re a B! It wasn’t robbery, the girl who actually deserved it won!
    Anyways! I’m hoping to have a Halloween themed wedding, and have many original ideas! The photographer did an amazing job capturing this wedding! Hopefully I can get someone with your eye for detail!!! Marie had a beautiful venue and had some good ideas, but honestly her terrible personality just ruined it for me! I was excited to see someone having an all out Halloween wedding but was disappointed in the end!!! I think her sour patch kid attitude just made it a flop! Maybe if I watch it again on mute…. Bleh…..

    • Seriously she is a horrible person. Editing may have made her look worse but she still said all those horrible things. Frankly her wedding was a $160K flop.

    • Yes. Everything you say is 100%. I know people that attended and they all had the same feelings. She isn’t even rich! Far from it. Drove a piece of shit car while working 4 jobs to pay for this wedding. I heard a rumor her and her husband sold their house and moved out of state because they were in debt.

    • I agree.. she didn’t just lose, she came in last !!! I personally did not like her wedding at all . The food looked good but it was too over the top eerie and depressing. Her dress was awful and she was just a nasty person .. She deserved her LAST place

  2. This is not a castle but an old synagogue in NYC.

    I know Marie personally and editing did not make her look like anything. She really is a bitch.

  3. Worst sport on the show. Nasty and mean. Plus, the decor was great, but her dress was ugly. My daughter is getting married on Halloween and I got some great ideas from this wedding.


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