Magnificent Cakes!

Many people don’t know this about me but when I was a child, my mother owned one of the most successful and recognized wedding cake bakeries in my hometown of Hong Kong. I spent many years of my childhood watching her mold sugar flowers by hand and grew accustomed to the sound of mixers and the rattling of pans in our kitchen. As her business grew, she moved into a lovely studio in downtown Central and I would come to the bakery after school to do homework on one of the marble topped tables in the workshop, flanked left and right by towering multi-tiered wedding cakes. Sylvia Weinstock was a household name that I learned from a very early age! Little did I know that I would later become immersed in the world of weddings (and bring home a personally signed copy of Sylvia’s book Sensational Cakes for my mom)! I never lost my admiration for the art of baking and confectionery arts so with this post I would like to highlight some of my all time favorite cake masters.

Sylvia Weinstock is widely recognized in the business as being the ‘Queen of Cakes’ and for good reason! I’ve seen her work firsthand and must say that her artistry and attention to detail are only rivaled by her unbelievable passion for her craft.

Ron Ben-Israel is the quintessential showman (he used to be a professional dancer!) and his personal flair and passion transform beautifully in his gorgeous creations. His cakes have drama, elegance and a timeless quality to them as well. Here are some of my favorites.

Margaret Braun is an artist I discovered while I was attending design school here in New York. As an artist myself, I was instantly attracted to the bold and unbelievably unique nature of her designs. Unexpected, elegant, and wildly creative are perfect ways to describe her fabulous cakes.

Alexandria Pellegrino, founder and cake master behind Canadian cake company Cake Opera Co is an artist and designer after my own heart! Having studied Fine Art and baking in Florence and Bologna, Italy, it’s clear that she is paving the way for a new form of cake art! I just love the unique and theatrical nature of her creations!

And of course, saving the very best for last my mom! A tremendous talent and role model, there was no doubt in my mind as to where my own wedding cake was going to come from, and my mom didn’t disappoint. She made all the sugar flowers ahead of time in Hong Kong and hand-carried all of them in her 16+ hour international flight. It was so meaningful to me and I couldn’t have asked for more!

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    Wow! Those wedding cakes are really awesome. Thanks for sharing this to us.

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