Birds Nests: Nature’s Architecture

A few years ago, I remember being fascinated by a documentary on TV about BowerBirds and their nest designing/making abilities. This morning, upon reading a blog post by Sean at The sub-studio design blog, I was reminded by the amazing process they undergo to create their nests and attract their mates. This led me to do a bit more research into the different processes and different species of birds and the amazing architectural works of art they create.

I find it inspiring that nothing in nature is left to chance. Everything is purposeful and fully functional. Just see how these beautiful nests fulfill their function and how utterly ‘creative’ these solutions are to the dilemma of creating a structure to house delicate eggs.

A beautifully woven basket nest..

Suspended Chandelier like nests

Intricately crafted nest of the Black faced Weaver Bird

The BowerBird ‘custom designs’ his nest based on the color preferences of the female BowerBird he is attempting to woo. How amazing is that? When I watched the TV program, I was amazed to see a little BowerBird, in the midst of crafting his nest, place a brightly colored piece of glass in the corner of the nest, take 3 little hops back to look at the big picture, and then go back to move the glass half an inch to the left of where it previously sat. Apparently they can spend several hours crafting a single nest. Now I don’t know what to call that other than ‘design’.

And another view of the gorgeous nest of the BowerBird, this one accented with green pieces of glass (guess she liked green..)

And finally I wanted to include an image of the bird’s nest inspired stadium in Beijing, China. It’s wonderful to see how the creations of such a small creature can influence the architecture and style of such large monuments!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed this post- I am researching nature’s influence on architecture for art and this was perfect! 🙂

  2. Naderi says:

    very nice. Is it possible to use these photos for web design?

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